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WELCOME TO AAA MEDICAL ESCORTS, LLC: Commercial Medical Escort Service

AAA Medical Escorts, LLC was started by a flight paramedic with more than 18 years of experience in air ambulance flight transportation. He saw the need for a less expensive mode of transportation for patients. While the use of air ambulance services is absolutely necessary for some patients, many can be transported on commercial airlines accompanied by qualified medical personnel. This is a more cost effective method of transportation of a loved one.


These trips are done in business/first class with qualified paramedics, nurses and, when required, physicians. Specializing in both domestic and international transportation, your loved ones will receive quality care and treatment from bed side to bed side. Their health, safety, comfort and well being are our first concern. Each patients individual needs will be evaluated to determine necessary staffing and equipment. While the use of an oxygen tank is no longer permitted on commercial airlines, oxygen can be administered using approved oxygen concentrators, which we can supply. Commercial stretcher service is available for many international destinations.


There are no hidden costs with AAA Medical Escorts, LLC. All transports will include bed side to bed side service as well as all ground transportation services. We will make all travel arrangements for the patient and for those traveling with the patient. We are available 24 hours a day to meet your needs and our goal is your complete satisfaction.


What makes AAA Medical Escorts, LLC stand out from the rest?  You won't be dealing with a salesman, you will be working with a medically trained professional with over 20 years experience in all phases of patient care and transport. With this experience our company has first hand knowledge of the requirements of the airlines, airports and airport security throughout the world.

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