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With the episode of December 25th TSA has made changes in security for both domestic and international travel. We have been in constant contact to make sure that any medical escort flight we transport will go smoothly and without incident. We have found that there have been some changes in security but found them to be manageable by speaking with the agencies involved. This includes TSA as well as the U.S.Department of State. We recently traveled through several international cities and were able to complete the travel without security delays. This was due to our diligence in contacting security agencies as well as embassies and consulates to get updates from individual countries. Although security changes do happen on a day to day basis, by keeping in touch with these agencies we promise to make your loved ones transfer as safe and uneventful as possible. Our familiarity with local customs and security will also help make this possible. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.   

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